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    Psychedelic Sunlight is your portal to Lucia °3 hypnagogic light Journeys in Portland, Oregon.


    Conveniently located in a private office on Alberta Street in NE Portland, Jennifer Beaman offers deep-dive sessions that are intensely visual, immersive, comfortable, and skillfully supported. Often described as a "substance free psychedelic journey", Lucia°3 is the perfect way dip your toes in the water and explore extraordinary states of consciousness. Prepare to be mesmerized & deeply relaxed - simultaneously!


    Other services include: Transformational Addiction Recovery, Psychospiritual (plant medicine) Integration, group light events, integration processing & support circles, private retreats, and ceremonies. 


    Are you ready to shift your paradigm? Let's connect!


    -Bookings by Appointment Only-

    1829 NE Alberta Street, Suite 12

    Portland, Oregon 97211

    (360) 771-1540 | psychedelicsunlight@gmail.com


    Relax your nervous system and entrain your brain for increased peace, joy, and creative flow.

    What is a Session with Jennifer and the Light like?

    The real magic of integration is in the application and how you implement new insights & wisdom into you daily life.

    We will descend into the energy of the space, our bodies, and our interconnectedness - and then collectively tap into the psychedelic experience together through the Lucia °3 meditation portal - followed by gentle grounding and guided discussion.


    Using flickering frequencies of white light through closed eyelids, most people experience brilliant colors, animated patterns, sacred geometry, and enter into a deeply peaceful, centered, transcendent space.


    Regular sessions with the Lucia °3 light can help cultivate a total shift in perspective - shedding light on unconscious habits, inviting you to break out of destructive patterns, replacing ineffective coping mechanisms, and helping you fully integrate your connection to your own brilliant inner peace, wisdom, energy, grace, and flow.

    What does the Light do?

    A portal to something fantastic!

    Lucia °3 is a high tech meditation light that induces immediate and sustained visionary trance states through flickering frequencies of warm & cool white light.


    Through closed eyelids experiencers report experiencing vibrant colors, animated patterns, sacred geometry, fractals, mandalas, 3D landscapes, and other more complex dreamlike visions.


    Some benefits may include:

    • rapid & sustained meditative relaxation
    • improved mood
    • better sleep
    • enhanced creativity
    • pineal gland (third eye) activation
    • visionary spiritual experiences

    Psychedelic Sunlight Benefits

    Come experience deep relaxation and organic optimism - The Light will change your life.

    The light, Lucia °3, provides a welcome refuge from hyper-stimulation and overwhelm of our fast-paced world and illuminates a warm & beautiful space where you can let everything else go, breathe, and relax.


    Lucia °3 gives us permission to:

    Instantly rest in peace and beauty.

    • Recharge from outside energy demands.
    • Release the weight of outdated programs, beliefs, and stories.
    • Rediscover our purpose and passion.
    • Restore confidence, enhance creativity, and stimulate new ways of thinking
    • Experience an exhilarating connection to a space of infinite potential and limitless resources.
    • Entrain our brains for easier, deeper meditation.
    • Anchor our access to this powerful part of ourselves, 24/7.
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  • Services We Offer

    Supercharge your integration process with an immersive group light and facilitated discussion experience.

    Illuminated Recovery

    While there is no magic pill or secret cure, I invite you to experience how Light Enhanced Meditation can support your transformational recovery process.

    We live in a world of near constant stimulation and distraction, and are immersed in a society where avoidance, numbing, and escapism are seen by many as normal coping mechanisms - even as "self care".


    If you are transitioning from an external point of power to an internally rooted strength, Lucia °3 Light Experience can help you cultivate:

    • Present moment awareness

    • Mindfulness around thoughts

    • Brain entrainment that helps us shift from knee-jerk reactions to conscious, strategic response.

    • Self compassion & loving kindness

    • Deep, centered, firmly rooted peace

    • Inner strength, stability, and confidence.

    • Build a strong foundation of inner resources that decreases or eliminates the need for external reliance.

    • Help us remember who we really are, the magnificence of our potential, and reinforce a sense of true purpose.


    The power of the light us that it can help us by focusing and aligning us internally, where we have the potential for perspective shifts, control, and authentic change. Light-enhanced meditation can help us learn to disengaged frazzled, fragmented thinking and overwhelm while revealing and strengthening the path back to our ever present, calm and capable center.

    Coaching & Light Integration

    I believe that the very best way to get maximum benefit from both coaching and light-enhanced meditation is by combining these two modalities into one dynamic session. The light allows deep inner connection, reflection, self inquiry, new insights and ideas, and a profound sense of peace & openness that really sets the stage for transitioning into the focused transformational coaching work. Together, your life may begin transforming very, very rapidly!


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    Lucia °3 Group Light Journeys

    Group light journeys are an amazing and affordable way to try out the light and to incorporate it into a regular self care practice. It also meets the need of connection and community as we journey and integrate together and share experiences and insights. Group sessions are often themed to create powerful shared intentions.



    Click Here for current group event schedule


    Please call or text (360) 771-1540 to schedule/organize a private group session or to book the Lucia°3 for your upcoming event, retreat, or party.

    Individual Private Light Sessions

    1:1 Lucia Light Sessions are the most immersive way to experience and grow your relationship to and in the light. Sessions begin with an introduction to the light, a waiver, and a detailed explanation of the flow of the session, what to expect, and things you can do to maximize your experience. Setting an intention is encouraged, but once the journey begins, all you have to do is be fully present and surrendered to the experience and center in your breath.


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    Plant Medicine Guidance & Integration

    After many years of personal experience, research, and community involvement into plant medicine use for growth, healing, and spiritual exploration I am passionate about sharing my knowledge, insight, and wisdom with others. If you are considering a journey, microdosing, or have questions about plant medicine journeying or integration I would be delighted to talk with you. I can also refer you to other plant-friendly support services (massage, mental health, acupuncture, etc) you can speak with openly without judgement.


    Please note: I do not provide medical advice or access to substances.


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    Give the Gift of Light!
    Give the Gift of Light!
    Get a Gift Certificate
    Do you know someone who would greatly benefit from a relaxing, psychonautic experience & emotional reset? A Lucia°3 one hour light session makes an incredibly unique selfcare gift.
    Recipient texts 3607711540 or emails psychedelicsunlight@gmail.com to schedule their session.
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    Private Group Light Sessions
    Private Group Light Sessions
    198.00 - 300.00
    Private group sessions are available, and are a unique and fun way to connect with friends, family, or coworkers. Everyone journeys together, face up, beneath the light. Blankets, pillows, and bolsters provided.
    Group sessions require a slightly more complex set-up, padding a large area of floor & suspending the lamp from a tripod. For this reason, group sessions are usually scheduled on evenings or weekends. I can also come to your home, retreat venue, or workplace, contact me to inquire; travel fee may apply.
    Please text me at 3607711540 to confirm availability and booking info.
    Coming soon
    Light Experience Packages
    Light Experience Packages
    222.00 - 888.00
    The Lucia °3 light experience can be an amazing addition to your selfcare, relaxation, and inner healing journey practice.
    An ongoing relationship with the light can improve your meditation practice and dissolve energetic and emotional blockages, leading to rapid and lasting change. With regular sessions, you can go deeper, faster and many find themselves more centered & powerfully connected to your intuition than ever before.
    Save money by purchasing a multi-session package!

    3 for $222 (save $42)
    6 for $444 (save $84)
    12 for $888 (save $164)

    Sessions held at my NE Alberta Office.
    Coming soon
  • About Jennifer Beaman

    Jennifer Beaman is a skilled coach, experienced light attendant, transformation guide, and natural space-holder. She has been in caregiving professions her entire life, from medical modalities to birthwork, intimacy education, emotional freedom technique, and spiritual and plant medicine guidance. Realizing the immense potential of light-enhanced meditation and offering a powerful, substance-free psychedelic journey Jen is thrilled to be offering this unique and amazing tool for inner evolution and pineal gland activation.

  • How It Works


    Book Appointment


    Booking an appointment is easy, and our office is conveniently located on Alberta Street!



    Get Settled & Set Intentions

    Your Light Guide will explain what to expect and make sure you are completely comfortable throughout your experience.


    Experience, Relax, & Explore

    This is the fun part! Enjoy a meditative journey of colorful visuals, profound insights, & increased inner peace.


    Reflection & Integration Support

    After your journey you will be welcomed forward gently and given time to share and process your experience if you so choose.

  • What People are Saying

    Katie S.

    "With my eyes closed, I could see every color of the rainbow in fantastic combinations, moving, tesselating, and pulsating in beautiful geometric patterns. I got lost in it. It allows you to get to the place where healing can happen."

    Karey​ I.

    "A combination of meditation, curated music and mind nourishing psychedelic visuals. It was so beautiful! This is a one of a kind experience, and Jen is such a compassionate and present guide."

    Vanessa ​L.

    "At first I wasn’t certain what would happen but quickly relaxed into the process and relaxed completely. The imagery and colors I visioned fascinated my curiosity on many level. It was otherworldly!"

  • Contact Jennifer

    1829 NE Alberta St. Suite 12
    Portland, Oregon 97211
    By Appointment Only - See Book an Appointment link above.
    360-771-1540 - text is best
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